The RTCL Petition is a petition for the bipartisan bill of law called the Right to Choose Life Act. The RTCL Act is based on two things, the fact that a man incurs a postnatal support debt the moment he impregnates a female, and the principle that it is wrong for any debtor to be able to get his debt remitted by hiring someone to kill the creditor.

The RTCL Act empowers every pregnant woman to certify the creditorship of her unborn offspring, so that if someone was to kill the creditor, the prenatal and postnatal support debts would not be forgiven, but would instead be converted into reimbursement for wrongful death, payable to the caretaker(s) of the child(ren) specified by her on the certificate of creditorship. The one(s) responsible for the wrongful death would be responsible for the reimbursement.

By certifying the creditorship of her unborn offspring, a pregnant woman would take away two temptations, the temptation for someone else to want her to get an abortion and her own temptation to get one. Taking away the first temptation would prevent two crimes from happening, the crime of forced abortion and the crime of murdering a pregnant woman (to get a postnatal support debt forgiven).

Since it would be an option (and not a requirement) for each pregnant woman to certify the creditorship of her unborn offspring, there is no reason for any woman to oppose the RTCL Act. The only people who will oppose it are men who want to continue being able to get their postnatal support debts forgiven through the sacrifice of their creditor. Since those men are in the minority of the population, it is inevitable that the RTCL Act will eventually obtain the majority support that a bill needs to become law.

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