by the New Evangelical Commission

I. Definition of Terms
We INCUR DEBTS to a CREDITOR before we start paying off the DEBTS. To INCUR a DEBT is to owe something "as a result of DOING something" (MacMillan Dictionary, emphasis mine). When a male impregnates a female, he INCURS a postnatal support DEBT; because he has DONE the thing which will result in him owing child support.

If the female consented to the act which caused the pregnancy, she incurs a prenatal support DEBT. Her DEBT is prenatal, because she starts paying it off immediately by providing for their offspring for 9 months. After the 9 months, he starts paying off his postnatal DEBT by providing for their offspring.

A sacrifice is the act of sacrificing something; and if you sacrifice something, "you GIVE it UP, usually to OBTAIN someTHING else for yourself or for other people" (Collins Dictionary, emphasis mine).

The EFFICACY of a sacrifice is its power to produce the THING which is to be OBTAINED for one or more people by GIVING UP the other thing. Take away its EFFICACY, and you will "cause the sacrifice" "to cease" (Daniel 9:27).

II. Application of Terms
Abortion is a prenatal sacrifice, because in each abortion, an opposite sex couple GIVES UP their offspring prenatally to OBTAIN someTHING for themselves, and that THING is the remission of their prenatal and postnatal support DEBTS to their offspring.

The EFFICACY of the prenatal sacrifice is its power to produce the THING which is to be OBTAINED for the couple by GIVING UP their offspring, and that THING is the remission of their support DEBTS. Take away the EFFICACY of the prenatal sacrifice, and you will cause it to cease.

To take away the EFFICACY of the prenatal sacrifice, let the female certify the CREDITORSHIP of the couple's offspring before the male finds out she is pregnant, so that when he finds out, he will be neither able nor tempted to OBTAIN the remission of his postnatal support debt by pressuring her to sacrifice their offspring.

The bipartisan "Right to Choose Life Act" would empower every pregnant female to protect her offspring by certifying the CREDITORSHIP of him or her. If someone was to kill her offspring, then the support DEBTS would not be remitted but would instead be converted into reimbursement for wrongful death, payabale to the child(ren) specified on the certificate of CREDITORSHIP. The one(s) responsible for the wrongful death would be liable for the reimbursement.

III. Antithesis of the Most Holy Sacrifice
The most holy "sacrifice" (1Co. 5:7) was the act of God's Son GIVING UP his own life to OBTAIN someTHING else "for many" people (Matthew 26:28), and that THING is "the remission" (ibid.) of their "debts" to God (ibid. 6:12). Since the prenatal sacrifice is the antithesis of the Most Holy Sacrifice, it is the MOST UNHOLY SACRIFICE.

As for the "many" people who have OBTAINED the remission of their DEBTS to God through the Most Holy Sacrifice, they now have the opportunity to cause the MOST UNHOLY SACRIFICE to cease by going to www.RightToChoose.Life , clicking the blue 'RTCL Petition' button, and signing the petition for the bipartisan "Right to Choose Life Act."

With knowledge comes obligation, for it is a sin to know what we ought to do and then not do it (James 4:17). That is why I am sharing this information with you, and it is also why I am hoping that you will feel obliged to sign the RTCL petition and share the information with other beneficiaries of the Most Holy Sacrifice. Thank you for reading, and may God bless you.

The most unholy sacrifice is the center of worship at the Church of Potential Life, which held its first mass in 2023 on Palm Sunday in Bombay Beach, California.