Perfect Baptism

To be perfectly baptized is to be washed of orginal sin by affusion as an infant and washed of personal sin by immersion as a Gospel-believer.

It is a tremendous blessing to be born of Gospel-believing parents who take you to the church as a baby to receive the sacrament of baptismal affusion. Scripture doesn't explicitly tell parents to do this to their infant children, but it doesn't forbid it either. Since God is omniscient, He knew, at the time He was inspiring the scriptures to be written, that millions of Gospel-believers in the future were going to receive baptismal affusion as infants without receiving baptismal immersion as Gospel-believers; and yet, He did not inspire any New Testament author to say anything to suggest that infants should not receive some sort of baptismal washing. Therefore, we have to conclude that not only is it a good and wholesome thing for our parents to give us a baptismal washing in our infancy, but it also fullfills the "water" part of the need to be "born of water and the Spirit" (John 3:5).

Then, as we grow up in the church, we hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we believe it. But when we become young adults, we become tempted by worldly pursuits, and it is then that we make the decision of which path to take in life. Whether we fall away and come back to the Christian faith later or take the right path from the start, it is a good and wholesome desire to be washed of personal sin by baptismal immersion. It is not a rebaptism, because the church cannot redo something that it hasn't done before. Scripture does not forbid it either. As long as we are neither renouncing our infant affusion nor claiming that it wasn't good enough, there is absolutely nothing wrong with receiving the sacrament of baptismal immersion as a Gospel-believer. Unbelief is the only thing that prevents us from receiving baptismal immersion (Acts 8:37).

But you need to be aware of something before you get perfectly baptized. Since we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit through baptism (Acts 2:38), we may receive aditional gifts of the Holy Spirit through perfect baptism, and to whom more is given, more is expected (Luke 12:47-48). When John the co-prophet was perfectly baptized as a young adult, he did not know that he was going to receive the gift of prophecy (1Co. 12:10). Had he known, he might not have gotten perfectly baptized; because it is not fun to be a prophet, even if it's just a co-prophet.