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The Wisdom to Stop the Most Unholy Sacrifice

Those of us who are baptized receive the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38) and wisdom is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit (Isa. 11:2, 1Co. 12:8). Therefore, we are able to receive wisdom that we lack by asking God for it in prayer. If we are asking God for the wisdom, then it will be given to us (Jam. 1:5). But we must be asking in faith (Jam. 1:6), believing that we will receive it (Mark 11:24). Otherwise, we will not receive it when it is given to us (Jam. 1:7).

Wisdom is the application of knowledge. Therefore, we must receive knowledge (another gift of the Holy Spirit) before we can receive wisdom. If we start asking God for wisdom, then questions should start coming to mind, questions that we are able to find the answer to from other people. Each time we find an answer, we gain a piece of the knowledge that we will need in order to receive the wisdom for which we are asking God. Once we have all the pieces of knowledge, we can apply the knowledge to solving a problem (such as stopping the most unholy sacrifice). Once we have applied the knowledge to solving the problem, we have the wisdom for which we were asking God (such as the wisdom to stop the most unholy sacrifice).

The first person [1] to receive the wisdom to stop the most unholy sacrifice has reduced all of the pieces of knowledge down to twelve in number, so that we can receive the wisdom much faster than it took him to receive it. Once we have received the wisdom, we will know that if a short announcement is made at every altar (or table of the Lord if you will), then Jesus Christ will cause the most unholy sacrifice to cease. He caused the animal sacrifice to cease almost two thousand years ago (Dan. 9:27); and soon, he will cause the most unholy sacrifice to cease too. Please read each question and answer slowly and prayerfully, because each new question builds upon previous answers.


1. What is a SACRIFICE?

2. What is a SELFLESS sacrifice?

3. What is a SELFISH sacrifice?

4. What was the most selfless and HOLY sacrifice?

5. What is a most selfish and UNHOLY sacrifice?

6. Under what CONDITION can the most unholy sacrifice happen?

7. Who are VULNERABLE to becoming the victim in a most unholy sacrifice?

8. CAN the most unholy sacrifice be stopped, and if so how?

9. Since WHEN has the most unholy sacrifice been stoppable?

10. How can we PARTICIPATE in stopping the most unholy sacrifice?

11. How does the HOLY SPIRIT stop the most unholy sacrifice?

12. What must be ANNOUNCED at every table of the Lord?

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[1] A man named Daniel was the first baptized person to receive the wisdom to stop the most unholy sacrifice. Daniel was baptized in a rare and perfect manner. He was affused as an infant and immersed as a young adult without ever renouncing his affusion. This can be confirmed by the fact that even after being immersed he took his infant children to be affused. Secondly, he graduated from a four-year college with a perfect 4.0 GPA, thereby demonstrating that he is perfectly teachable. We are taught by God (Isa. 54:13, John 6:45), and that's why one of us needed to be perfectly teachable. Finally, Daniel has obeyed the commandments (1Jo. 3:22). This can be confirmed, to some degree, by looking at legal records, including marriage records (Exo. 20:14, Mat. 5:32, 19:9). On October 2, 2005, the altar at Daniel's church was smashed into pieces immediately after the Eucharist. That is what prompted him to start asking God for the wisdom to stop the most unholy sacrifice. (Daniel did not start out saying "most unholy sacrifice" but God knew that that is what he was referring to.) By 2023, Daniel had received the wisdom. These things are recorded here, so that you might know that, despite being a quiet and obscure layman, Daniel is qualified to be the first man to receive the wisdom to stop the most unholy sacrifice.