The Gospel

to GIVE UP thing A to OBTAIN thing B for YOURSELF or for OTHERS
most selfless most selfish
To give up your own LIFE to obtain R.D. for others.
To give up the LIFE of another to obtain R.D. for yourself.

We invite you to participate with God in stopping the most unholy and selfish sacrifice. Our invitation presupposes the following statements:

Four Presuppositions
1. The most unholy sacrifice is a continual sacrifice.
2. The most unholy sacrifice is happening today.
3. We are now able to participate with God in stopping the most unholy sacrifice.
4. If we do not participate, we will be letting the most unholy sacrifice continue.

The 3rd presupposition is a new evangel (which means "new message of good news"). "New evangelists" bring the new evangel to the baptized as we continue to bring the Gospel of Christ to the unbaptized (Mark 16:15-16). The following is how we participate with God in stopping the most unholy sacrifice:

Four Steps to Participate
1. Learn what the Most Holy Sacrifice was.
2. Learn what the most unholy sacrifice is.
3. Learn how the most unholy sacrifice can be stopped.
4. Sign off on the plan to stop the most unholy sacrifice.

The first 3 steps are taken by taking our class, which you can do by going to YouTube.com/@DanielJohn2300. The 4th step is taken by signing the Right to Choose Life Petition.

Figure 1 - Link to next class on the new evangel

If you have completed the 4 steps and you are being called to do more, then please let us know; because we need all the help we can get. If you are a pastor, then please give us permission to invite your congregants to participate in stopping the most unholy sacrifice. Thank you for visiting our website.

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