The Right to Choose Life Act
The Right to Choose Life Act is a bipartisan bill of law which would protect a woman's right to choose life. It does that by giving every pregnant woman the option to certify the creditorship of her unborn offspring, so that the support debts (owed to the creditor) would not be forgiven if someone kills the creditor. Instead, the support debts would be converted into reimbursement for wrongful death, payable to the caretakers of the child(ren) specified on the certificate of creditorship. Liability would fall upon the one(s) most responsible for the wrongful death. An example of the certificate of creditorship is linked below.

Certificate of Creditorship

Under the RTCL Act, the certificate of creditorship (linked above) would be legal and binding. It would take away the motive for forced abortion, thereby preventing the woman from being pressured into getting an abortion. Every pregnant woman who is choosing life has the right to protect the safety and wellbeing of her offspring and of herself, and the Right to Choose Life Act empowers her to do just that. Linked below is the Right to Choose Life Act of 2023.

Right to Choose Life Act

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