The Right to Choose Life Act
The Right to Choose Life Act is a bipartisan bill of law which would protect a woman's right to choose life by taking away the motive for forced abortion, the motive being the remission of a child support debt. On January 17, 2023, we learned that despite being a morally good law, the RTCL Act was likely to be struck down, as being unconstitutional, if a legislature were to try to get it passed into law. That's because the bill was asking govenment to do something that the constitution does not give government permission to do. Therefore, we are currently in the process of re-writing the bill, so that it simply gives every woman with child the option of protecting the life of her offspring, as well as herself, by filling out the certificate of pregnancy linked below.

Certificate of Pregnancy

The revised version of the RTCL Act will simply ask government to recognize the certificate of pregnancy (linked above) as legal and binding, because every woman who is choosing life has the right to protect her offspring, and herself, from physical harm. The revised RTCL Act will also not contain the section on child support assistance (section 6 of the current version of the RTCL Act). Instead, we suggest that government consider passing a separate "Child Support Assistance Act" into law if it is afraid that the RTCL Act will burden too many men with child support debts that they cannot pay. Until we are finished with the revised version of the RTCL Act, we will post a link to the current version here.

Right to Choose Life Act (to be revised soon)

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